October 4, 2019

Dear Pastor,

It is my joy to recommend Mark and Hannah Martinez for the work of church planting in Boulder, CO. In the twenty-five years that we have served in Longmont, a short twenty minute drive to Boulder, we have seen every Independent Baptist Church within the city of Boulder relocate, merge with a church outside of Boulder or dissolve. The challenges are as great as the need. Boulder is known for its abundance of wealth, pride of knowledge, liberal culture, and naturalistic mindset. The cosmopolitan spirit of the people only underscores their lost condition and the great need for the preaching of the gospel. Having grown up "next door" to Boulder, Mark sees the need, he's realistic about the challenges, and he's certain of God's calling.

Mark was six-years old when the Rocky Mountain Bible Baptist Church held its first service and he has grown up in our church. After graduating from Heartland Baptist Bible College in 2012, Mark returned to Longmont to serve in the youth and music ministries. The following May, he married Hannah Wallace. Hannah is the daughter of Mike and Mary Wallace, second term missionaries to Mexico City. This couple is sound in doctrine and solid in Baptist heritage. They have done an outstanding job in every responsibility that's been given to them. Mark has proven himself to be wise in dealing with people, in financial responsibilities, in ministry opportunities, and in managing his time. It's my conviction that his greatest strength lies in his ability to communicate the truth of God's Word; Mark is a preacher.

The best way that I can describe this couple is to say they are humble, faithful, and dedicated servants of Christ, highly respected and loved by our church. To those who prayerfully consider having the Martinez's present the work to your congregation and expand your mission outreach to places of great need in America, I can say with confidence that Mark and Hannah will be a blessing to your church and faithful partners in the work of preaching the gospel and planting churches for the glory of Christ.

In Christ,

Pastor Ken Martinez

Rocky Mountain Bible Baptist Church

Longmont, CO

Ken Martinez Recommendation 382.8KB


September 19, 2019

Dear Fellow Pastor,

It is my privilege to recommend Mark and Hannah Martinez as church planters in Boulder, CO. I have known the Martinez family for many years. Mark's parents, Ken and Sheri Martinez, have faithfully served the Lord and raised him to do the same. Hannah's parents are church planting missionaries in Mexico City. They are both blessed with ministry experience that has equipped them to answer God's call on their lives.

Mark and Hannah were exemplary during their time as students of Heartland Baptist Bible College and as members of Southwest Baptist Church. They were very engaged in ministry and invited others to the services. It was during this time in his college that Mark began to discern God's call regarding church planting. He has faithfully served as youth pastor at the Rocky Mountain Bible Baptist Church in Longmont, CO. I am very excited to see what God will do through their lives. I am glad to recommend them for your consideration.

For His Name,

Jason Gaddis

Pastor, Southwest Baptist Church

President, Heartland Baptist Bible College

Oklahoma City, OK

Jason Gaddis Recommendation 119.6KB