Rocky Mountain Bible Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, and pre-millennial Baptist church. We use the King James Bible in all of our Sunday school classes and from the pulpit. In today's world of contemporary Christianity, we strive to practice a godly walk. We do not compromise with the ecumenical movement or any other organizations that seek to tear down the foundations of the faith. God left the church as His organization for propagating the gospel to a lost world. We joyfully accept our responsibility to win souls in our community and around the world.

Bible preaching is God's timeless method for converting souls and changing lives and therefore receives the preeminence it commands in the Scriptures. You can expect to hear passionate expository preaching that will strengthen and establish your soul in the truth and lift your spirit and affections for God. We make no apology for strong preaching and sound doctrine that calls people to a life of separation and devotion to Christ. We follow a traditional approach to the work of Christ. It is our conviction that souls hungering and thirsting for the greatness of God will be filled where reverence for Him abounds and that He is worthy of more than casual service arranged for man's convenience.